Market Entry

Increasing your addressable market

Proven market acceptance domestically informs the decision to explore continuous growth in markets of similar customer insight.

Timing of market entry, contextualized product positioning and optimized ‘take to market’ tactics are pivotal to gain local customer attention.

This is where we focus. Our end to end solution is uniquely composed of subject matter expertise gained through decades of growth leadership.

Efficient company set up

  • Fully registered and approved German entity ready for trading.

    Notarized incorporation

    Dexos manages process compliant with German legal requirements

    Working Banking facilities

    Dexos leads Know your Customer’ compliance for account opening

    MD & Company address

    Dexos offers temp comp address for incorporation and bank facilities

Relevant localization

  • A market facing translation of your strategy localized for highest impact. 

    German market overview

    Dexos provides qualified research on competitors, market, customer dynamics

    Company positioning

    Dexos contextualizes USP vis a vis  competitor dynamics for differentiation

    Brand identity

    Dexos audits customer promise to underpin brand identity in Germany

Optimized take to market

  • A differentiated, locally optimized campaign strategy and execution roadmap.

    Campaign strategy

    Dexos provides a creative campaign idea and end to end campaign design

    Campaign execution

    Dexos audits consistency in executing promise in line with brand

    Performance marketing

    Dexos provides ongoing audit and adjustments in line with KPIs 

Additional services upon client request



Enlarging your product portfolio

Dexos sets business critical hypotheses in need for validation from ‘Ideation’ through to ‘Product’.

Diversification ideas become stronger as they pivot and validate. Discontinuation is an equally valid option. 

We equip you with a risk/return optimized new product roadmap in line with customer permission, brand stretch and company capabilities.



Optimizing your execution model

The option to leverage your operating model, locally adopt or optimize through partnerships is uniquely dependent on a company’s context.

Dexos optimizes execution for highest market impact based on resource availability, market dynamics, brand stretch and customer permission.

Our past experiences set us apart.