Dexos is your partner along the way.

Growth can be lonely for those leading it and unrealistic
when expected too much from it.

We strengthen your growth journey, so no one can weaken it

Dexos fills a vaccum in the advisory market, acting as your growth partner in execution and not in theory.


Dexos unlocks new sources of value for clients to grow their business. We apply our learnings of past success and failure.

Growth drives evolution. Our purpose is to design growth below the opportunity cost of standstill.

We serve clients scaling up or rejuvenating growth consolidating decades of experiences as operators.


We support clients moments of growth’, enabling growth acceleration and disruptive growth capture through our DEXOS model.



We build your success from within And don’t preach from a distance

Growth sponsorship among competing priorities must come from the top. The Dexos model provides focus.

Design Leadership

Secure Investor Support

Enhance Narrative

Xteam Alignment

Outstanding Execution

Growth plans need a Chief Story-Teller, acting on behalf of customers and employees, managing unpopular tension between competing priorities.

Strategic anchoring of growth strategies is pivotal to gain board and investor approval, team commitment and customer permission.

Delegating growth execution to operations demands coherence to avoid dilution in clarity of intend and misalignment. 

De-risking critical growth hypothesis require an iterative client facing process for rapid validation.

Realistic expectations continuously managed throughout the process, sustain investor support and keep momentum.

We take pride in building your legacy, not one-off transactions

Growth acceleration is a strategic choice.
Once chosen, we make sure it is sustainable.

We advise our clients executing strategies designed to step change a company’s future performance.

Growth moments of truth, as we call them, typically aim to serve more customers with more product more effectively.

Our client focus is industry agnostic, but moment specific

Dexos targets companies embracing growth to scale.

We work cross industries, for clients facing transformative growth choices, in the small to medium sized market, near or post break even.

  • Example - High networth family office

    Dexos reconfigures FO structure and underlying portfolio assets for next phase of growth.

  • Example - Medical Cannabis market leader

    Dexos partners to drive patient centric strategy and company configuration, supporting execution and German market entry pre-IPO.

  • Example - Personalized Meal Delivery market leader

    Dexos delivers end to end process of German market entry, from company incorporation, local supplier selection, benchmarking of product/segment fit to advising launch media campaign for German market entry.

We act in advisory roles to our partners and join forces with complementary teams to offer scale.

  • Dr. Schwarz-Schilling & Partners, Bonn

    Dexos advises C-level on growth choices pre-transaction to align with capital market execution for highest impact.
    More about Schwarz Schilling

  • The Foundation UK, London

    Dexos provides growth management advice based on commercial P&L ownership as an operator. 
    More about The Foundation

  • Creative Dock CZ, Prague

    Dexos leads innovation and incubation skills, gained executing an and off core diversification with commercial responsibility.
    More about Creative Dock

We share insights of past success and don’t hide our failures

We are not consultants by trade. We led market leaders and aggressors globally for decades.

Our work has a proven growth track record across industry verticals.


Design of commercial framework for media assets funded by license fees for commercialization globally. Executed strategy through reciprocal right framework for BBC’s archive with Universal, disposal of BBCs music publishing business to Sony BMG, global launch of advertising funded bbc.com

business diversification growth beyond mobile core

Ownership of company wide alignment to deliver customer centricity promise, gaining permission for brand diversification beyond core. Executed strategy through launch of O2s home broadband strategy and O2 Priority.  

non-linear growth through innovation, incubation and Moonshot factory

Future proofing Telefonicas non core growth, scaleing commercially viable, IP defendable and customer centric innovation based on mobile and data core. Executed strategy through managing global innovation portfolio, leading incubators and deigning Moonshot factory blueprints. 

Establishing partnership to capture disruptive growth

JV leadership between Alpahet and mobile carrier, providing strategic and technical analysis throughout negotiation. Delivery of commmercial framework, ahead of launch of Google X Project Loon, providing LTE connectivity in rural Peru from stratospheric helium balloons straight to customers handsets.

Implementing growth by product diversification

Commercial ownership of Sports Media P and L. Responsible for P&L restructure to extend business into a 360 advertising offering. Accelerated scale up with market impact as key value driver ahead of IPO.

Designing innovation process for non-core growth

Implementation of company wide innovation process to rejuvenate growth and mitigate digital disruption.Executed on strategy by launching company wide innovation call with subsequent creation of first off core venture 


We partner as experienced operators, not outside consultants

We are newly formed and aligned on our core belief.

Quality of discourse beats quantity of mandates. We complement our core team with leaders, highly skilled in all facettes of managing commercial growth. We only chose Dexos champions.

Dexos Founding Partner

Advisory Council

Felix Geyr – Dexos GmbH
Felix Geyr MBA, Cologne

Proud father of Dex-ter and Os-kar.
Former strategic and commercial C-level growth leader in Telefonica, O2, BBC, and Sportradar, advisor to HSBC Global and Google X and corporate finance executive at Schroders Salomon Smith Barney.

Prof. Dr. Dieter Schütz
Prof. Dr. Dieter Schütz, Cologne

University professor and founder, innovation think tank, design and communication advisor to Bayer Leverkusen and Covestro among other DAX 30 companies in Germany.
His expertise will contextualize our clients growth choices and provide best in class internal and market facing communication.

Christian Mommertz
ChrISTIAN Mommertz, Düsseldorf

Multi-award winning Chief Creative Director. Former top executive at BBDO, Ogilvy, TBWA, Jung von Matt and Board member of the Art Directors Club Germany.
His deep understanding of the priceless value of strategy based creativity in terms of growth is a pivotal input to our clients.

John Foster
John Foster, London

Exceptional expertise in transforming organizational growth levers. Former Group Strategy Director Telefonica, O2, Tesco and Partner at Mercer Management Consulting.
His expertise creates our clients' necessity and urgency for change as forward looking strategies for aggression and defense.

Integrated Design Partners

Andreas Geyr – Dexos GmbH
AndREAS Geyr, Berlin

Seasoned advertising and marketing expert, former MD of McCann DE, CEO Havas Europe, CEO TBWA DE and CMO Axel Springer SE.
His expertise in leading and operating P&Ls helps clients validating growth choices in customer competitor dynamics.

Type Type Hype – Teresa Müller und Leon Böhm
Type Type Hype, Cologne

Creative treatment of customer facing presentations including digital optimization of websites, SEO and social media targeted at teams, customers or investors are an integral as well as standalone part of our offering.
For this we rely on Teresa Müller and Leon Böhm, founders of Type Type Hype, creators of this website.

Jan Pochop
Jan Pochop, prague

Highly skilled communication experts helping you craft the right story combined with powerful visuals for maximum impact.
His back ground in strategy and consulting anchors market facing communications in our clients' context providing C-Level with a story to win.